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Dan Medina is the lead singer/guitarist of the rock band GRAVITY.

GRAVITY was formed in Kraków, Poland in 2010.

The band has played with well-known Polish artists such as IRA, Akurat, Lady Pank, Oddział Zamknięty, Czesław Mozil, Patrycja Markowska and Jamal.


Daniel Medina of Spain, who´s played throughout Europe as well as NYC, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Portland (OR), Seattle (WA), San Francisco, LA and San Diego.

GRAVITY recorded their debut album "Mirrors" in 2015, released by AMAdea Music. The album features twelve original songs.


Dan Medina recorded the EP titled "Everything´s Connected" with GRAVITY in 2018. Dan Medina also recorded his debut self-titled EP later that year. The EP features the songs "Diggin´ Holes", "Marioneta", "All My Dues" and "Come".

Dan Medina released his debut solo album titled "Shadows" in November 2020. The album can be found on all major platforms.